About Us

Point Network is an Open-Source software evolving by a community of like-minded individuals that care about the principles of the early Web 3.0.

The evolution of the network is driven by proposals, which are then accepted. At the moment, Point Network Ltd is the company behind most proposed changes, and it's using Point Labs FZCO (Point Labs) as a software vendor company to develop these changes. However, in the future, we hope that the development becomes fully community-driven, to not be reliant on any one entity. Ultimately, the Point Network users decide whether to run update patches from Point Network Ltd and Point Labs.

There is a final battle that lies ahead for everyone in Web3, with governments and Big Tech, and while we've made Point Network specifically to prepare for this battle and withstand such attacks on the infrastructure, we want to ensure the decentralization of development as well.

If you see something in the future that is obviously contrary to the initial values we subscribe to, we encourage you not to install the updates and organize community-led discussions around the next steps.

Point Labs Team

Serge Var

CEO & Co-Founder

Alp Salih Abdul

COO & Co-founder

Diane Pesquera

VP of Operations

Denis Voropayev

Lead of Core Team

Darren Jensen

Lead of Dapps Team

Amaury Hernandez, PhD

Lead of Browser Team

Iurii Vinogradov

Blockchain Architect

Muhammad Perreira

Blockchain Architect

German Viescas

Senior Node.JS/Typescript Engineer

Brian Alonso

Senior Fullstack Blockchain Engineer

Juan Pablo Mejia

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Max Baranov

Marketing Coordinator

Emanuel Pires

Head of QA


Our teams are decentralized and working remote all over the world, but this is our main locations:

Point Network Ltd

Vanuatu, Port Vila

Point Labs FZCO

Dubai, UAE

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