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World's First Full
Web 3.0 Architecture

Most "decentralized" apps and "web3" projects are not decentralized. They still rely on centralized domains, storage and browser extensions, all of which can be censored and hacked.

Point Network decentralizes everything, becoming the first ever full web3 implementation. See for yourself and enjoy the web3 experience!

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Centralized Domains vs Decentralized Domains

Normal domains can be taken away from dApps by governments at any moment or compromised. Domains on blockchain cannot.

Centralized Storage vs Decentralized Storage

AWS shut down Parler, you think it won't shut down your dApp frontend? Decentralized storage network Arweave ensures it is uncensorable and always stays up

Metamask vs
Point Browser

Google can delete Metamask, Phantom Wallet and other extensions at their whim. How will the users access your dApp then? Point Browser successfully replaces the need for extensions.

Passwords vs Web3 Identities

Instead of millions of passwords, use the same seed phrase on Point Network to instantly log into all dApps on Point, Ethereum, Solana and other chains

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What is Point Network

Bittorrent decentralized file sharing. Bitcoin decentralized money.

For decades, technologists had a dream of decentralizing the whole internet. And they called it Web 3.0

Why do we need a new internet? 
Because the current one has serious problems:

• Censorship. Thousands of content creators are getting deplatformed daily without any explanations. People start self-censoring, afraid to speak their mind, out of fear their account could get deleted too. This is dangerous to having an open discourse in our society.Web3 is uncensorable internet.
• Reality Warp. Big Tech leaders admit to using censorship for political reasons. Not only do they do it by deplatforming, they also admit to manually adjusting The Algorithm™ that shows you content, to suppress some voices and boost others. As a result, you look at the world through Big Tech reality filters.Web3 is the internet with transparent algorithms.
• Mass-surveillance. In 2013, Edward Snowden told the world that the spy agencies silently siphon billions of people's private photos, videos, documents, location history, and so on, and abuse this power. 9 years later, nothing has changed. Web3 is leveraging encryption for communication, and for private files.

Unfortunately, despite a whole industry dedicated to Web3, they pass the dream of web3 for reality.

They still rely on:

centralized domains which can be taken away by domain registrars
centralized storage which can and does get censored by cloud providers
• and browser extensions like Metamask which can be deleted by Google at any moment.

Point Labs has invented and built Point Network, the first of its kind network, that decentralizes every major component of the legacy internet: decentralized domains, decentralized storage, decentralized identities.

Which makes this architecture the only network currently deserving to be called Web3, fulfilling the dream of a fully decentralized internet.

We invite you to learn about how we achieve this, try our Web3 browser, and explore why everyone should migrate to this next generation of the internet.

Why Point Network

Explore all the ingredients of Point Network and unlimited possibilities they deliver

Point Browser
Decentralized Domains
Decentralized Storage
Decentralized Identities
Point Social
Point Mail
Multichain dApps
and much more...

Our Backers

Companies and funds that believe in our mission and claimed a stake in Point Network's success

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Point Network?

Point Network is a collection of software tools allowing you to get access to Web 3.0: a new generation of the internet, which is free of censorship, mass-surveillance, permissionless, open for everyone and privacy-focused.

Point Network decentralized all main components of the modern internet:

  • decentralized domains (.point) that cannot be taken away or censored
  • decentralized storage (using Arweave's permaweb) on which the website code, posts, images and videos are uploaded and permanently stored in a censorship-resistant way
  • decentralized identities are used instead of logins and passwords. You only need one seed phrase to log into all dApps on all chains that Point Network supports

For more information, you can read our litepaper or whitepaper for more technical details.

How can you start using Point Network?

Click Download Alpha, download Point Browser for your operating system, generate your seed, register your web3 handle, and you're good to go. Many users have found the experience very easy, but should you have any questions, you can always ask in our Telegram group or on Discord.

What do you mean by "real web3"? Aren't current dApps decentralized?

Unfortunately, almost all apps that currently market themselves as "decentralized" and "web3.0" do not stand up to the scrutiny when you examine them. Most of them have only smart contracts decentralized.

Meanwhile, they still rely on web 2.0 infrastructure for everything else:

  • They rely on centralized domains that can be taken away by the U.S. government by any moment, or their DNS provider can get compromised, which has happened before
  • They rely on centralized storage and centralized infrastructure to serve their website code, which adds another potential point of failure, censorship and security vulnerabilities (see an example of a DAO that has lost its users $120M because of a centralized UI)
  • They rely on browser extensions like Metamask and Phantom, which Google can remove at any point, making 99.9% of users confused about how to access their dApps and even their funds

Despite this, we do not disparage teams and projects and we support their efforts in moving closer to the Holy Grail of Web 3.0. However, we categorize them as "Web 2.5": they're almost there, but they're not ready for the fight with the final boss: a coalition of Big Tech companies and governments when they decide to attack web3. But when those projects do upgrade to an architecture like Point Network, they can finally become completely decentralized and truly unstoppable.

Is there a POINT token?

Yes, POINT token is a utility token used on the network to mainly pay for validator fees.

Be very careful buying or selling POINT -- there are many fake listings of POINT out there. Only use the official links from this page.

Which chain(s) will Point Network support?

Point Network launched on September 1, 2022, on its own, L1 (Layer 1) Proof-of-Stake chain called Point Chain, based on Evmos technology (which, in turn, is based on Cosmos, which, in turn, is based on Tendermint), with POINT as its native token.

However, because Point is not just a blockchain, but a whole software suite, we can make it support as many chains as we want. Point Browser is multi-chain by default. This not only means that you would be able to store, receive and send Bitcoin (including via Lightning Network), Ethereum, Solana, and other tokens in your Point Wallet (while using only one seed phrase to get access to all of the wallets), but it means you can access dApps like Uniswap in a decentralized way (their UI would be on Point Chain), but the liquidity and the final transactions would happen on the original chain (Ethereum in Uniswap's example, etc.)

Is Point Browser competing with Brave Browser, Opera, Firefox or Chrome?

No. Just like Tor Browser uses a Firefox fork internally, and doesn't compete with any of them, but is instead in its own niche and used for a specific purpose: to provide access to Deep Web.

Similarly, Point Browser is also using a Firefox fork internally, and is in its own category: just like you would use Tor Browser to access Deep Web, you would use Point Browser to access web 3.0.

On top of that, Point Browser specifically prohibits any connections to the old internet (you cannot open in Point Browser for example, and dApps cannot ping any analytics servers via their IP addresses), making sure that all dApps on Point are sufficiently decentralized, secure and developers cannot cheat by still relying on web2 infrastructure.

If there is any link to the old internet, Point Browser will suggest to open it in your normal legacy browser instead.

What is next for Point Network?

Please consult our roadmap website to see what our overall big goal is and where we are in achieving it.

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