Point Network: Elevator Pitch for busy people

I believe we lack two crucial things in web3: storage and browser. We’re working on both.

Storage. When you’re offline, someone must serve your data. Can’t store decentralized tweets with rich media on blockchain: already bloated enough + expensive + stupid for everyone to store a pic of someone's cat. On IPFS people store other's stuff, but no one cares about someone’s cat. We're spawning a decentralized storage market with micropayments and collateral slashes for losing data. Like what Filecoin tried to do, but we do it better. Then people might chip in to store, let’s say, an archive of wikipedia hashing up to today's version, with enough $ locked in the contract to store it with 500 providers for next 200 years, and providers bid on it. Then we could also chip in to store all blockchains on Point Network, now 500+ providers are incentivized to store and serve blockchains, and everyone can be a full node now.

Web3-enabled browser. No legacy websites like facebook are accessible from it, only web3 content. Metamask-like confirmation windows for subscriptions and actions. Browser connected to the node through its http proxy, which handles backend code (like template includes and blockchain calls right in the middle of HTML). Also browser and enforced standards and protocols provide one ecosystem for dApps to exist on and build on.

Once we have those two things, here’s what becomes possible: censorship-resistant websites, decentralized email more secure than Protonmail (nobody checks if Protonmail starts serving you password-stealing JS code), decentralized IM better than Signal (privacy IM asking for phone number, srsly?), with P2P E2E encrypted video calls, uncensorable social media (& moderatable communities to avoid chaos), NFTs proudly attached to people's social media profiles so they don't have to send friends to obscure websites to flex them, web3 enterprise applications, DAOs, and many more cool things which would take a little more time to list and explain than an elevator ride allows for.